A Savva Masterpiece

A Time To Tell is the spellbinding story of Cara Hughes, and the dark secrets that plague her and her family. From the time she first falls in love, and that relationship’s tragic ending, to meeting her first love again as an elderly woman, we are transported as voyeurs through the heartbreak of Cara’s life.

Now, confined to a wheelchair, Cara must confront the torrent of problems that have coursed their way down through her family, washing over each in turn, inflicting suffering on those she truly cares for. After years of heartache and denial, Cara must finally face her own role in the circumstances of her life. She must bring her own hidden secrets out into the light of familial scrutiny.

Maria Savva weaves a tapestry of misfortune and turmoil that draws you in and drapes you in its story. Each throw of the weaver’s shuttle brings out another detail of the emotional hardships of Cara and her family’s lives, forcing them further from each other and closer to your own heart. Savva’s mastery of dialogue allows you to live inside this woven fabric of Cara’s world and feel the genuine sorrow of each character.

A Time To Tell is a book not to be missed.


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