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2011 ABC Indie Author Challenge

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

The 2011 ABC Indie Author Challenge is quite simple, read (and review if possible) 24 Indie novels using the first letter of the author’s last name as a guide as to what to read. In other words, pick one for each letter of the alphabet. Okay, that would be 26, you’re very astute. But the challenge is to read 2 per month so that you are not under too much pressure to finish the list. The letters are just a way to get you to move out of your comfort zone and pick up some author you might not have considered otherwise.

My thriller, Digger’s Bones, made the list. I hope many of you will give it a read and enjoy doing so. Check under K.

I’ll be listing my books right here, so grab the link to this page and check back each month for what I am reading.

My Challenge Books:
Batchelder, Dennis — Soul Identity

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