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burst out – a micropoem

Monday, February 21st, 2011

burst out of your cage, all claws and sharpness
twist through the air, supple and lean
take me to the end with animal intensity

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When the devil comes to collect my bones

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

When the devil comes to collect my bones
Tell him the marrow has dried and blown to the winds
Tell him you saw my shadow up amongst the stars
Fleeting and quivering like a dying sun

Tell him you saw the oceans form from my tears
My blood flowing down mountain streams
Tell him you heard the wind call my name
Lonely and untamed

And when the sun comes to rise upon my grave
Tell him all the flowers have gone back to the earth
Tell him you saw my shadow up amongst the stars
Playing out one last fleeting memory of my supernova life

Tell him you were my friend and I let you down
And let my spirit live on in perpetual loneliness

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Night’s Eternal Shadow

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Night’s Eternal Shadow
by Paul Mansfield Keefe

eyes like gray skies stare out from fragility
hands withered and mottled
nails and hair growing like spring’s wildness

he calls out for one last taste of freedom
one last breath beyond the clutch of life’s mortality
beyond the pain of memory, the false hope of dreams

let not night’s eternal shadow fall

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And the Wind Blows Empty

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

And the Wind Blows Empty
By Paul Mansfield Keefe

The wind blows empty
Through the hollow of the soul

The sun calls mightily
The body stretching up, bold and triumphant

But the shine dulls on unfulfilled promise
Snarling teeth tear at the flesh of hope and desire

Leaving the soul wanting
Disillusioned and crippled

Burn sun, burn down
Burn down till darkness fills the void of days infinite

There upon the ashes lay truth, barren and naked
And the wind blows empty

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