Powerful characters make Loco Lobo a must read!

Haunted by his fiancĂ©e’s tragic death, Joaquin Black Wolf tries desperately to mask his pain by joining a second band as drummer. Yet nightmares and sudden flashes of his inner pain cascade through his life like a mid-summer’s storm through a desert town.

Struggling to defeat his demons on his own terms, Joaquin desperately seeks answers from within himself, pushing his friends and family away. When love enters his life again he finds himself awash in his fears and catastrophic memories.

I must admit this is my first foray into the romance genre and I was a bit wary about reading a romance novel. Magnolia Belle dispelled any prejudices I may have had with a wonderful, almost lyrical, style of writing. Loco Lobo’s characters are fully realized and the dialogue is natural and unforced, like having coffee with a good friend. Belle’s descriptive phrasing draws you in–you can picture Joaquin and his band playing passionately on stage or quarreling from bruised egos–and captures your heart.

Brilliantly written, Loco Lobo has opened my eyes to whole new genre, and I like what I see. Belle has a real hit on her hands with the forth book in the Black Wolf series, Loco Lobo.

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